Can Magento Print Shipping Labels

Can Magento Print Shipping Labels


For new or existing orders, Magento always comes in handy anytime you want to print your shipping labels. However, you need to have shipping account with either of these recommended shipping companies – UPS, DHL, USPS, or FedEx. Once you have an account, you can proceed to complete the content of the package. You’ll have to place a single order for each package you ship. Below, you will learn how to go about the four stages using Magento 2. Here, you will learn how to go about it when using DHL Company as your carrier company. Ecommerce business

Communicating with the Shipping Carrier

You need to make sure your account is fully set up to process labels, as those that are not, are charged an additional cost by the companies to do the same. The approach that you use varies from a company to company.

Complete the configuration for the shipping company

Complete store information for each company.

DHL – It supports only international al shipment services.

  • Go to shipment methods
  • Secure gateway URL(should be auto-entered)
  • Confirm that access ID, password and account number are correctly entered.
  • Save configuration
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Creating shipping labels

Steps for new shipment labels

  • Go to the admin panel >sales>operations, then orders.
  • Open the order whose status reads ‘pending’ or ’processing.’
  • Upper far right click ‘ship.’
  • Tick the ‘create shipping label’ on the lower far right and press ‘submit shipment.’
  • Click Add product this will move the product from order to package. The packaged quantity shows in the Quantity column.
  • Next to the product to be added, there is a checkbox that you will need to mark before inserting the quantity of each.
  • To finish you will press on ‘add selected products to package.’
  • The ‘add new package’ buttons adds a new package while ‘delete package’ removes the package
  • When through, click ‘ok.’ The cancel button cancels an order.
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When done Magento will automatically connect to the shipping company to submit the package, receive a shipping label and the tracking number for every package. Labels may not be processed if the carrier is experiencing connection delays.

Printing shipment labels

The shipment labels are published in pdf, which can only be printed from the admin end.

  • On the admin panel, go to ‘sales’, then ‘orders’, and open the record of your order. On the left side of the panel choose ‘shipment’ and open shipment record.
  • Go to ‘sales ‘then ‘shipments’. The order will be on the grid, open it.
  • Go to shipping and tracking, and click on print shipping label to download it as a pdf file.

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