Would I Use Magento?

Would I Use Magento?

The question being asked is a simple one, and therefore asks for a simple answer. Yes, I would use Magento.

I would use Magento not just because it is among the most popular ecommerce platforms today, and is frankly the strongest contender among them all. I would use it because of its features and perks that are just too many to ignore.

* Magento themes.

This is most probably the top item in Magento users’ lists of why they love the platform. There is absolutely no shortage of themes. With the vast variety, it is nearly impossible for you to not like anything. On the contrary, it could be challenging to choose which one is the best, as they all look great. Read  more Shopify app

* Magento is fully customizable.

Online selling requires more branding and marketing, since the only way to promote your products is through the internet. This is made easy by Magento’s fully customizable storefront. You get to have your own site as your branding material. Change the colors, the fonts, and make it look exactly how you want it to be.

* Magento is free.

Magento Community, at least. If you are just starting on your ecommerce journey, this version is the best one for you. It is packed with features you need including Magento themes, and also work well with extensions and add-ons.


* Magento has tons of extensions available.

Also one of Magento’s biggest advantages over other platforms, its wide array of extensions and add-ons will impress anyone. It has extensions for blogs, express checkout pages, faster loading speed, customer support, basically anything you can think of that is needed by your ecommerce site.

Magento was designed to be a full-blown yet versatile ecommerce platform where you not only achieve success through selling online, but also through content marketing and excellent B2B relations. It is an ecommerce solution that is preloaded with all the functions that would make your site an instant online shopping favourite.

With these many perks, the question should be more like “Why not use Magento?”.